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You’re Not For Everyone, and That’s Okay

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At this point in your journey to finding and living your purpose, you may start to notice that some folks don't understand what you're doing.

It could be your family questioning your new path or your friends who haven't found their purpose criticising your work.

Living your purpose is hard. It's uncomfortable.

Some people will love you. Some people will disagree with what you're doing. You're not for them, and that's okay. (Even if it is your family!)

The beautiful thing about the world is that we all have different beliefs and values that guide us.

We can be true and centered in who we are AND learn and grow and evolve.

It's not "either, or;" it's "both, and."

There are people you don't even know yet who are praying, dreaming, and hoping for you and the gift you're ready to share with the world.

There are people right now, all over the planet, waiting for you. People who need what you have to offer.

Live your purpose for those people. Boldly. Unapologetically. Steadfastly.

Don't live for the people who don't understand you. Who don't trust you. Who don't support you and your purpose.

Those people are looking for something or someone else.

You’re not for everyone, and that’s okay.

Even pizza isn't for everyone. Even chocolate (!!!). Even the things you believe to be true and just and right.

You may think, "how can someone NOT believe in this?" Especially when it comes to your service or purpose or mission.

There will be people who get behind your mission and wholeheartedly believe what you believe.

Then there are people who aren't there yet. And maybe they'll get there, but they need to hear and learn and feel it from someone else.

It's not about you - it's about them and their journey.

Have compassion for where they are. Have compassion that they're not in a place where they can receive what you're putting out, then let them go.

They're looking for someone else, and someone else is ready to serve them.

That's what I mean when I say that if every woman lived her purpose, every need in the world would be met.

You're not for everyone, but everyone is for someone.

Think about the preferences you have yourself. What flavors of ice cream you like. What TV shows/books/movies you prefer. What hobbies and experiences you enjoy.

Now, think about friends or family or people in your life that dislike those things.

Consider your favorite book. That author wrote that book one time.

You read it, your friend read it, and because you're both coming from different backgrounds and perspectives, you're experiencing the book differently.

One of you may love it, and the other not so much.

But the author wrote one book. They're didn't write one way for you and another way for your friend.

They have one message. One purpose.

It's not for everyone. It's for some people, but not for others.

Be unapologetically yourself

Like the author, you're not for everyone. You'll never be everyone's cup of tea.

Thinking that you have to please everyone is a lot of pressure to put on yourself and your purpose.

You're here on this Earth to serve a specific purpose. To serve a specific person.

And it's hard to reckon with that when society tells us we need to appeal to everyone.

And it's really hard when people start to question or criticize your purpose.

It’s scary to think about continuing to live your purpose and show up as your authentic self when you’re criticized, because you might believe that no one wants what you have to offer.

You can have compassion with yourself and allow yourself to feel what you feel about that.

It's not easy. It's not comfortable. And sometimes you want to give up.

But go back to your values. Go back to your purpose.

Living your values means to be the most authentic version of yourself in all aspects of your life. Not just when it feels easy, but especially when it feels hard or sticky or uncomfortable.

Just as your purpose is a compass leading you back into alignment with who you’re meant to be, your values guide you back to who you truly are.

How will you serve those who most desperately need what you have to give if you quit?

Don't let one person stop you from being yourself, from living your purpose, from sharing your beautiful gifts with the world.

You're not for them. You're for someone else.

You're for the person who's praying for your service or your book or your product or your teachings.

You're for the unmet needs that you're meant to solve. You're for the people cheering you on in the audience - even if it's only one person right now!

The Takeaway

So check in with yourself. Are you showing up for the people who need you, or are you trying to convince the people who don't like you? Are you playing jazz for people who prefer heavy metal?

Take a deep breath. Then go deep with these journal prompts:

  • How does it feel when someone criticizes your purpose?

  • How does it feel when someone thanks you for your service?

  • How does it feel to be unapologetically not for everyone?

  • Where are you forcing connections with people you're not meant to serve?

  • How can you come back to your values and serve those you're meant to serve in an even bigger way?

You already have everything you need to be successful in living your purpose. You have gifts and talents and expertise that the world needs.

Trust in yourself and your inner wisdom. Stay true to your values and beliefs. Be okay with not being for everyone.

And show up for the people who need you most.


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