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Body Beautiful

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Do you feel at war with your body?


Are you battling feelings of shame or fear about the way you look?


Do you spend precious energy trying to ‘fix’ yourself to meet the demands of modern beauty standards?


Think you’ve tried everything to love your body? 


True beauty is knowing who you are and sharing your beauty with the world.


In a society where we are pressured to fit in, Body Beautiful: Your Guide to Making Peace with Your Body and Letting Yourself Bloom is a celebration of individuality and the courage it takes to be confident.


Written by qualified health coach, naturopath and celebrated ‘self-worth whisperer’ Suzzi Hartery, Body Beautiful harnesses scientifically proven models of behaviour to help you shift destructive thought patterns, achieve long-term transformation and cultivate appreciation for your unique self.


It’s time to live every day happy about who you are, giving your soul the support it craves. Body Beautiful brings the caring friend and guide for all life stages that provides support, inspiration, and advice on having your daily actions and beliefs be in alignment towards loving yourself.


It’s time to ignite your confidence—like never before.

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Suzzi Hartery is the heart-filled talking, pump-you-up bestie you’ve ever had. As a self-empowerment health mindset coach and degree-qualified naturopath, Suzzi’s mission is to help women embrace their inner wisdom and fully bloom—with a full heart and road map—owning who they came here to be. Suzzi does this by providing a safe haven for practising the art of self-empowerment, with a dash of self-development through the use of integration tools. 


Having overcome her own struggles, Suzzi teaches people from all over the world to take back control of their emotions, master their mindset, smash through limiting beliefs, and karate chop self-doubt. 


In Body Beautiful, Suzzi provides scientifically proven models of behaviour to help readers break destructive thought patterns, reignite their confidence and treat themselves with the respect, care and love they deserve. Suzzi’s qualifications combined with her inspiring and kind-hearted voice make Body Beautiful an accessible lifelong guide in giving ourselves loving permission to bloom daily.






Along with a private portal full of all the Body Beautiful resources and illustrations you'll find within the pages. You will also be gifted with a dedicated Body Beautiful portal with mindset tracks (releasing April), a client only resource tool-kit plus one ticket to the in-person or attend virtual intimate wellness event (pre-sale purchases only or where you've bought 5 or more copies). Where you will get all day access to me with a deeply transformative retreat that you won't get offered any other time expect this year. Think a haven for integration, blooming transformation and reaching your next level self. In this one day event I'll be sharing my personal support kit tools located in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland. 

Epic right?!

Also there will be soon announced exclusive to you ~ & our Body Beautiful community ~ partnership deals that you won't be able to get anywhere else with many of my favouriate brands more details on these coming in April. 

You could say I am giving and going all out to make sure your small investment in Body Beautiful is worth while and far exceeds any book purchase you have ever done so far. 

I am always looking for ways in which I can surprise and delight. 



"Suzzi has created a much needed guide for coming back to self and honouring the body we've neglected for far too long."

— Jordanna Levin, Bestselling Author of Higher Love and Make It Happen,

Content Creator and Podcast Host


There are two key reasons I have written Body Beautiful:


To help others avoid suffering. The pain of my past has made me determined to provide a caring friend, a role model to others who are going through the same shame, fear and suffering with their bodies.  I want to show you the choices you can make to support it and be in love with your body instead of fighting or hating it. 


To help others experience joy. The freedom of making peace with your body and living an authentic life creates such joy. It creates an inner glow and happiness that everyone deserves to experience. This authenticity and hope radiates throughout the world, inspires and unites. From my practice, I know it is possible, and I like to teach others how to achieve this too. Body Beautiful shows a way to break free from the battles you are experiencing with your bodies and one key comment that is often not nourished enough - but you'll have to find out what this is when you read my book.  What I can share is ~ It is there to become conscious of the influences that are keeping you stuck in fear and pride.  How this exists to help you see the beauty within to help you bloom and share your unique beauty with the world.


In a world where we are pressured to ‘fit in’, Body Beautiful is a celebration of individuality and the courage it takes too ‘stand out.’ Body Beautiful gently challenges you - my reader - to create your definition of beauty, and awaken to the knowledge that this definition will change through your years. Which is why you will keep coming back to this book to re-explore, shift, release and re-align to your true self - time and time again.


Like a good wine ~ we will just get better and better with time.  



Body Beautiful feels like having a deep and meaningful conversation with a wise friend. She meets you in the place you are and wholly respects your narrative and your voice. She is supportive and nurturing for where you are now. Yet, there is also something in her that feels aspirational. It is a sense of maturity and her love for expression that resonates with you too. In her, you also see a quiet confidence about the way she conveys thoughts and expressions. Intuitively, you have a feeling that all this resides within you as well.  


Body Beautiful gives you the permission you need to begin your journey of self-enquiry and to challenge the influences around you, keeping you stuck in fear and shame.  This is the beginning of your awakening and return home to the unique and beautiful you. All this paired with the feeling of spaciousness and quiet time to donate contemplation, stillness for growth and inner work.

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For media inquiries, please contact my publicist: Sian Yewdall

For publishing inquiries contact: Natasha Gilmour

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