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The Lucky Girl Program


You’ve got the big vision, I’ve got the torch to guide you to getting there! Now, we’d all like to think we could conveniently get there doing it ourselves, but the truth is, it takes way more time and effort, taking the solo route (and it’s way less fun). Why? Because there’s a lot of trial and error vs. following the guidance of someone who’s already done that work for you!

The guessing work of how to get from point A to point B is eliminated. The path is clear. All you need to do is show up for yourself. 

​​Ready to become a walking magnet to your dreams?


Ready to learn the success secrets?

It’s time to unlock Your Lucky Girl Potential

I've got a pretty good idea of why you're here (no joke). In fact, there are a few things I've already figured out about you.


You've dabbled in a buffet of courses, books, YouTube's about getting your goals, unleveling your mindset and learning all about energy, each brimming with information to go get your dreams and desires. 


But let's be frank: (1) You've often felt like just another face in the crowd, (2) those endeavours left you with more questions than answers (sound familiar?), and (3) There was no one there to celebrate your wins or really hold you through the doubt, lessons, or say hey I've been here too. 


You're someone who yearns to make your dreams a reality, whether it's a life of luxury, financial independence, or simply the tranquility that comes with dream attainment feeling stability.


And perhaps, you feel stuck wondering “Am I really going to get what I really want?” even saying - "She's so lucky!" watching another group of friends in Europe who are also living their dream careers, building their dream houses or [insert your dream goal / desire] wish you had it too!

The thing is… no matter how much mindset and energy alignment you do, without systems in place, can you really handle all that you’re going to receive?

Truth bomb? For that success to happen and stick for the better, you need to:

  • Align your energy with your financial goals.

  • Assess where you are and where you want to be.

  • Develop empowering habits for wealth.

  • Set up the foundation for financial success.

  • Clear limiting beliefs and adopt a wealth mindset.

And that’s exactly what my Lucky Girl Program is about (and more)!

Is this Lucky Girl Program for me?

Dream Chasers: If you've got big aspirations but aren't quite sure how to turn them into financial reality, this program is your guiding star.


Ambitious Women: If you're determined to shatter the glass ceiling of financial limitations and build lasting wealth, you're in the right place.


Fear Overcomers: If fear and insecurity have been obstacles on your journey, Lucky Girl is here to help you navigate past them.


But hold on; Lucky Girl may not be the right fit for everyone


This program may not suit individuals who aren't ready to take action and make positive changes in their financial lives. 


If you're not prepared to invest time and effort into your financial future, Lucky Girl may not align with your goals.

You want to hear more? Let’s break it down:

What's included?

The Lucky Girl Program is an 8-week transformative journey toward financial abundance. Here's what you'll experience:


Week 1: Energetic Alignment - Align your energy so you are a natural magnet to your desires.

Week 2: Life Assessment - Assess where you are and where you want to be.

Week 3: Lucky Girl Habits - Develop empowering habits for wealth.

Week 4: Finances and Success Systems - Set up the foundation for financial success.

Week 5: Mindset Alignment & Clearing - Clear limiting beliefs and adopt a wealth mindset.

Week 6: The Top 100 Myths - Discover and debunk myths that hold you back.

Week 7: Q & A + Achievement Shares - Share your progress and get your questions answered.

Week 8: 1-on-1 Session - Receive personalised guidance to ensure your success.


It's all about building wealth, eradicating fear, and living life with confidence.


Lucky Girl is your roadmap to your desires and smart level abundance.

Breakthrough what’s keeping you stuck in the old and step into a life of happiness, abundance and pinch me moments having you say 'gosh I'm lucky'!

Kind words from past clients I've worked with:


"I am just so much more awake and connected on SO MANY LEVELS. I have released so much that doesn't serve me anymore... which on the surface, looks like relationships, alcohol, mindless tv, certain foods. On an energetic level, that looks like negative self-talk, disbelief in my personal power, defeat around making money, and the belief that I will always play small. I am so much more clear-headed and confident in my journey, know what my gifts are that the world needs, and have developed a spiritual practice for the first time in over a decade after leaving the evangelical church. That last piece alone has changed my life. I have the tools I need now to step forward in a direction that is aligned and spacious, and trust myself to make it happen."  - Steph C.

"When I was guided to work with Suzzi, I felt a calling in my heart that I couldn't quite explain; I just knew I needed it to push past the daily fear I felt holding me back from making decisions based in love. Suzzi opened my eyes to a world of possibilities that I had never considered for myself. In our one on one conversations, she planted seeds, and those seeds were cultivated and began to grow in the safe container. As an herbalist, I had every intention of creating a business focused on plant medicine to heal the world, but through this experience, Suzzi helped me realise and remember that the medicine within the plants is also within me, and I share it through my unique expression. I know when I reflect back on my life this will be a pivotal point where it all began to change, and I stepped into the embodiment of a liberated woman." - Mary B.


"I had this intuitive nudge to work with Suzzi the moment I connected with her. I’m glad I trusted the instinct. She is a beautiful soul + a spiritual powerhouse that holds a key to business activation. In just our first session, she ignited the confidence in me to adjust my rates to be more aligned with my energetic contribution, and I did, and it worked beautifully. Book with Suzzi, she’s the prosperity + business priestess!" - Amy W.

"My experience in Suzzi's coaching - was so much more than I expected it would be! When I first met her virtually, I was immediately a “f**k yes” to working with her, despite being TERRIFIED to take that leap. I’m so glad I did. I am a completely different person than I was before. My business has completely transformed because of it. I went from drastically under charging for my services, to more than doubling my income in less than 3 months. I feel more in alignment than I ever have. I highly recommend her services and taking the leap into abundance with her as your guide! I love Suzzi and her work dearly." - Sarah L.

Have questions? I got you!



What is the program guarantee?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t feel like from the first week as excited when you say YAS! Invest will be returned.


When does the program start?

The next Lucky Girl Program starts on 10/10/23. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the lucky girl secrets to desires success!


How can I get in touch for more information?

Feel free to send me a direct message on Instagram to @suzzihartery. I’m here to answer all your questions and provide any additional details you think you need to know you are worthy of saying YES!


Is this program suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Lucky Girl is designed to cater to beginners and experienced individuals alike. We provide step-by-step guidance to ensure your success.


Can I participate if I have a full-time job?

Yes, you can! Lucky Girl is flexible, sessions are recorded which allows you to tap in when you can and need ~ alongside your existing commitments.

So, are you ready to say yes to a program that works with you not just on mindset and energetics but also systems from someone ahead who has walked the path to success?


I know you are!


Don't let fear or uncertainty hold you back any longer. 


Join the Lucky Girl Program and embark on a life-changing journey towards being a magnetic lucky girl for your desires. 


Your dreams are within reach, and I’m here to help you make them a reality. 


Act now click below secure your spot and then come on over and DM me on Instagram at @suzzihartery so I can personally welcome you + up until the 8/10/23 I have an extra gift from The Feel Good Society - think retreat invitation and personalised good health support through out the 8 weeks. I love to delight those who take inspired action. 

Just imagine...

  • Learning my exclusive WOOP system that took me to owning five properties, first class flights, opening my own clinic aka doing what I love what positively contributing to the world, wining trips, gaining a life partner who is my best friend and having the most nurturing friendship circle + the freedom to live everyday how l like.  

  • The goals you attract in just 8 week and becoming a success story cause you are surrounded by woman with the high vibes too.

  • No longer compromising who you are or giving your power to external circumstances.

  • Being able to say how lucky am I - truly, fully body tingles?!

Plus so much more will happen with our time as we work together!

Investment paid in full $888 or $222 x five fortnights.



Questions my love?

I want to make sure we are an aligned mentoring match too. So please send me your heart desired question on IG DM.

Here for you lucky girl. 

<3 Suzzi

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