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Self-Worth Society App

Want a haven where you can really discover and realign to your true self?

Want to live every day happy about who you are and what you are here to do?

Want to love yourself a little bit more and have your actions be in daily alignment?


Well my love ~ you are in the right place.

The Self-Worth Society has been created to boost your self-worth and have you love being you.

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Creator Suzzi Hartery, is a Self-Empowerment Coach, Mindset Guru and Naturopath here to help you feel confident, full of self-esteem and to have a supportive mindset to achieve your dreams. Suzzi teaches people from all over the world, how to take back control of their life, master their mindset, smash through limiting beliefs, and karate chop self-doubt. Suzzi is the heart-filled talking, positive empowerment, pump-you-up bestie you ever had.

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Within the Self-Worth Society, there is everything you need to harness the power of your mind to obtain radiating confidence. Plus an epic bonus of over 20+ self-help ebook resources that will support you to fully embrace the incredible gift you are. Download them, keep them, print them - do what your heart desires with these life-changing resources.

What's Inside?

  • Printable & Downloadable Resources:

    • Empowered - Your resource kit to creating + implementing nourishing boundaries and rituals.

    • Dream Life Manifesting Planner - Get clarity on what you want and how to get it.

    • 21 Days of YAY - ​Your daily guide to boosting your self-worth and feeling good again.

    • Inner Friend Critic Journal.

    • Love Being You Confidence Workbook.

    • Extra boosting - Self Confidence Workbook.

    • Your Future Self.

    • Mood and Goal tracking sheets.

    • Plus so many one page self-help resources that you'll be so excited to dive into. 

  • Mindset Tracks:

    • Miracle Morning​

    • Relieve Anxiety

    • Time for Sleep 

    • Plus more added each week. 

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A loving message from Suzzi Hartery, creator of The Self-Worth Society

“It’s my souls purpose to guide you to embrace your inner wisdom, support you to fully bloom and step into your desires - with a full heart and road map - owning who you came here to be. I do this by providing a safe haven for you to connect to self-compassion, kindness & joy by practicing the art of self-empowerment with a dash of self-development because of easy to do integration self-help tools. I'm delighted to support you beautiful.” ~ Suzzi Hartery

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Choose either Apple App for iOS devices​ or Google Play button for Android devices

Once downloaded, set you your own unique profile and enjoy all the self-worth goodness I've lovingly created for you. 

Have a question?


Connect with me on instagram with a DM and I'd be more then happy to answer. 

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