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A Happiness Journal

Does your scrolling session online inevitably lead to jealousy of your friends’ new accomplishments? Are you living in a state of revisiting negative memories, over and over? Always on the pursuit for the next quick fix to feel better? These are all signs you are leading to the contributing towards your own unhappiness. 


Because between a global pandemic, a perfectionism culture and comparing our lives and selves with those on social media all day every day, it’s no wonder you’re overwhelmed, and possibly a little sad and anxious too. Our modern lifestyles are busy, and that’s putting it mildly. Carving out time dedicated to you is a task on its own, and if you manage to squeeze in a little self-care session, where do you even begin? 


Being grateful and seeing the beauty of all the small things. Having each and every cell of your being fizzle with happiness. Going through life one happy dance after another. Sounds pretty good, hey? 


If you thought happily ever after’s are reserved exclusively for fairy tales, think again. 


The state of happiness is already deep inside of you. It’s there, available to you at any given time. Wonder how you can awaken this feeling? It’s only one click away…


I have the solution you need to evoke this state of being. A happy mind, body and soul awaits. Take the leap, and create this beautiful ripple effect in your life. It’s all there, in the love-filled Happiness Journal. 

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A Happiness Journal is your new bestie, holding you accountable to set daily intentions. Guiding you on your quest towards daily happiness. It offers you a dedicated personal space, encouraging positive vibes. It will help you consciously carve out a quick moment of intention setting. In less than 5 minutes, you’ve set the tone for the day to come. A Happiness Journal has got you, helping you steer clear from negativity. 

 Available Now $55 + P&H

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Imagine waking up every day, filled with appreciation and a deep love for yourself and your life. Wouldn’t that be the best feeling ever? Suzzi Hartery, also known as the Self-Worth Whisperer, has made it her sole mission to empower and encourage women like you. After the Love Being You podcast and the Self-Worth Society app, Suzzi now comes with A Happiness Journal. With this journal, she lovingly guides you on your journey towards a life filled with happiness. One where you’re heading down a path of feeling excited, confident and at peace with your true self. 


Suzzi is a woman on a mission: sharing her deep and vast knowledge when it comes to loving your true self. Confident that very soon, it will help someone like you navigate through life. With A Happiness Journal Suzzi is offering a complete toolkit to 365 days around the sun filled with positivity and happiness. 


Are you ready to take control? Banish those gloomy blue days? Your journey towards happiness awaits. Get your personal Happiness Journal and take the first step! 

What's Inside?

  • Guided tips on how to produce your daily happy.

  • Positive affirmation ideas to evoke your happiness. 

  • Goal planning dedication sections using SMART principles. 

  • A years worth of daily morning intention and night time reflecting ~ So you can fill out the dates yourself and start using your planner any time of the year as pages are undated.

  • Plus daily happy dose inspiration. 

  • It's over 380 pages worth of happiness goodness. 

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About the book

Inside of the journal, you’ll find areas you can fill to your heart’s desire. From goals to daily intentions and reflections. Each page is printed in black and white. Your intentions are the ones bringing the colour and life to each page. In a literal sense, you’re encouraged to get a little crafty, but also in a metaphorical sense, since your intentions are beautiful in every way. It’s your reminder that beauty is in simplicity and even more happiness comes when you put your touch into what you see and do.


Additionally jam-packed with tools to evoke your state of happiness due as each day has a unique Daily Happy Dose to inspire your mental and emotional state. And with pages dedicated to strategically set and support your goals ~ you are onto a winning formula to have a great day, month and year. So much more goodness, all for you to personalise. 

Suzzi Hartery A Happiness Journal 5.jpg

About the design

Good Intentions & purpose-full:

The sun on the cover represents not only Suzzi’s energy and her nickname Miss Sunshine, also the positivity and happiness that the sunshine brings. It’s your little reminder that you are the one capable of filling your world with rays of sunshine. 


The bright and warm colours represent your intentions, set with love and kindness, coming from the warmth of your heart.



Use plastic-free packaging and sustainably sourced papers from FSC-certified forests. This means I only ever work with paper suppliers who deal with forests that comply with the highest social and environmental standards. I am conscious about our impact on the planet. And I am proud to share that I’ve made decisions and efforts to lessen our footprint since the very beginning. I produce all journals on a made-to-order basis. Every journal is especially made for you, meaning minimal stock and no emissions from running large warehouses. In other words, as little waste as possible.

A word from Suzzi Hartery, author of A Happiness Journal


“The creation of this special book comes from deep inside of me, with a genuine care to help you achieve that beautiful state of happiness. I went through gloomy times myself, where the dark clouds had really set in. I couldn’t seem to catch a single ray of sunshine, until I found out I am in charge of my own happiness. I discovered the immense power that setting intentions, reflection and letting go hold. And so, when I found myself on the other side of things, my whole body tingled with the urge to share. To help others. I wish this was created when I needed it most ~ but I’m thankful to have been through what I have. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here now, being able to offer my loved filled creation to you.”


With A Happiness Journal in your hands, you are ready to embark on intentionally connecting and setting to positive energy to start your day, plus to fill it with as many rays of sunshine as possible. It’s guaranteed to spark your inner joy, each and every day. 

Plus did you know I've also set-up a pay it forward system. Each book sale 10% of profits will go towards a yearly contribution to Friends With Dignity. I'm beyond the sun happy to align and partner with them and fight against domestic violence.

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 Yours for only $55 + P&H

Have a question?


Connect with me on instagram with a DM and I'd be more then happy to answer. 

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As a thank you for purchasing your own copy of A Happiness Journal I've created social shares to help you keep accountable towards your daily practice of happiness. 

Here you will find a google drive packed full of uniquely designed feed posts with matching stories that you can use to your hearts desire. 

Print them or post them just make sure you lovingly utilise them. 

That's 365 x 2 daily happy dose inspiration. 

To receive your BONUSES simply email your receipt here and access to these will be Happily granted and email confirmed to you. 

Enjoy the little sneak peek! Which you can see more over on my Instagram account in highlights.

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