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1:1 Success Coaching for Evolving Soul Sista's



You’ve got the big vision, I’ve got the torch to guide you to getting there! Now, we’d all like to think we could conveniently get there doing it ourselves, but the truth is, it takes way more desire and time, taking the solo route (and it’s way less fun). Why? Because there’s a lot of trial and error vs. following the guidance of someone who’s already done that work for you!

The guessing work of how to get from point A to point B is eliminated. The path is clear. All you need to do is show up for yourself. 

Whether you are a woman, mother, sister, healer, witch, starseed, medicine woman, modern mystic, intending to take your spiritual self to the next level or finally create a life that feels aligned and good from inwards to shine outwards, it requires clearing away the old and dense to invite in the new. In my work, I do both, coaching and energy healing (when spirit calls for it). Both are integral for sustainable change.

Ancestral healing, emotional release techniques, resolving karma in past and current timelines, Shamanic channeling, soul retrieval, energy master, and subconscious programming are just a few of many modalities I use to support clients.

From within we create the external magic. It’s a universal law. And it applies to all areas of life: business, love, relationship to self, the planet, and so on.

Here’s what we’ll cover:


We dive into how you have created your current reality, identify limitations, metaphysical and psychical programs, blocks & limiting beliefs. We’ll then get clear on your big vision and begin to dive into the action, accountability, and healing.


Everything changes inside. This is where the internal changes take place! You will move through anything and everything that has been holding you back from stepping into sharing the most powerful, expressed, magical version of self.


The world is ready for you, and you are ready for the world! Confidently and effortlessly share with the world this new version of you. Harness your creative power, expand your unique gifts, and no longer compromise who you are or give your power away to external resources.

What's included:

Breakthrough what’s keeping you stuck in the old and step into a life of freedom and magic!

Sessions are 90-minutes of heart-filled accountability connections to help you dig deep and move forward with a clear path and action plan for reaching your desired outcome.

We’ll work together for three months to transform you into the highest version of yourself and step into the power and gift that is YOU for the good of all.


~ One monthly 90-minute call via Zoom plus one 60-minute follow-up session in-between to keep you accountable and on track to your goals


~ Unlimited email and DM support


~ Customised Spiritual Practice toolkit (Think books, journals, spiritual sprays, flower-essences or naturopathic products*)


~ Spiritual Reading


~ Personalised Self-Worth Whispers

~ Plus on completion of our time together a customised personalised illustration for you to keep, print and to feel proud.

Kind words from past clients:


"I am just so much more awake and connected on SO MANY LEVELS. I have released so much that doesn't serve me anymore... which on the surface, looks like relationships, alcohol, mindless tv, certain foods. On an energetic level, that looks like negative self-talk, disbelief in my personal power, defeat around making money, and the belief that I will always play small. I am so much more clear-headed and confident in my journey, know what my gifts are that the world needs, and have developed a spiritual practice for the first time in over a decade after leaving the evangelical church. That last piece alone has changed my life. I have the tools I need now to step forward in a direction that is aligned and spacious, and trust myself to make it happen."  - Steph C.

"When I was guided to work with Suzzi, I felt a calling in my heart that I couldn't quite explain; I just knew I needed it to push past the daily fear I felt holding me back from making decisions based in love. Suzzi opened my eyes to a world of possibilities that I had never considered for myself. In our one on one conversations, she planted seeds, and those seeds were cultivated and began to grow in the safe container. As an herbalist, I had every intention of creating a business focused on plant medicine to heal the world, but through this experience, Suzzi helped me realise and remember that the medicine within the plants is also within me, and I share it through my unique expression. I know when I reflect back on my life this will be a pivotal point where it all began to change, and I stepped into the embodiment of a liberated woman." - Mary B.


"I had this intuitive nudge to work with Suzzi the moment I connected with her. I’m glad I trusted the instinct. She is a beautiful soul + a spiritual powerhouse that holds a key to business activation. In just our first session, she ignited the confidence in me to adjust my rates to be more aligned with my energetic contribution, and I did, and it worked beautifully. Book with Suzzi, she’s the prosperity + business priestess!" - Amy W.

"My experience in Suzzi's coaching - was so much more than I expected it would be! When I first met her virtually, I was immediately a “f**k yes” to working with her, despite being TERRIFIED to take that leap. I’m so glad I did. I am a completely different person than I was before. My business has completely transformed because of it. I went from drastically under charging for my services, to more than doubling my income in less than 3 months. I feel more in alignment than I ever have. I highly recommend her services and taking the leap into abundance with her as your guide! I love Suzzi and her work dearly." - Sarah L.

Ready to get started?




Just imagine...

  • Showing up as your 100% true self.

  • Having more freedom in your days to live your life by your own desires.

  • Create massive change and impact your community in ways beyond what you can imagine.

  • Have more abundance, love and creativity.

  • No longer compromise who you are or give your power to external circumstances. 

Plus so much more will happen with our time as we work together!

Investment $2222 or $555 x five fortnights.

Happy to answer any questions you have beautiful.



Questions my love?

I want to make sure we are an aligned mentoring match too. So please send me your heart desired question on IG DM or send me an email through my contact page. Here for you. 

<3 Suzzi

*Naturopathic Formulated Products will be charged on a personalised perscrption bases. 

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