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Self-Worth Society

Everything you need to harness the energy of your mind and truly embody the wisdom of your souls calling.

Unlimited, all-access membership to support you to up-level your health, life and wealth.


Every month receive two new recorded mindset tracks to up-level your health, wealth or life, with access to a library of guided empowering sessions already waiting for you. Also a suite of self-empowerment workbooks and monthly affirmations to support you to get your goals, become unstuck and achieve your dreams.

This is life / game-changing!!

What's included?

Library of Guided Mindset Sessions

Suzzi Hartery Sessions.png
Suzzi Hartery Sessions.png
Self-Worth Society.png

Self-Paced Life Enhancing Workbooks

Self Worth Society Workbooks
Self Worth Society Workbooks

Plus the opportunity to have a specially written and recorded Self-Worth Whisper mindset session on any area of your life or health you are wanting to work on. 

"Often our subconscious is driving our behaviour more than we realise".

Know that self awareness will always be at the forefront of everything I create. 

Self awareness is your greatest superpower. And I’m not saying that in a BS self-help way, I’m just telling you as your friend that everything I create and share with you is all designed to help you to get to know YOU! Period! 

Your future self will thank me for it! ✨


Can I cancel my membership?

I can't imagine you'd want to, but yes if you're not enjoying being a Self-Worth Society member you can cancel ANYTIME after your first five months.

How long do I have access to all the materials as a Self-Worth Society member?

For as long as you’re a member, you’ll have access to the Self-Worth Society Dashboard, but I encourage you to download the workbooks and the meditations are access only unless one is done specifically for you. Then the main file will be yours to keep forever my love.

Ready to up-level with your monthly dose of love filled goodness?

  • Monthly Access

    Every month
    Valid for 5 months
  • Life time access

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