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9 Qualities of an Empowered Woman

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I know that you already have everything you need to be successful.

You have charm and wit and strength and power beyond what you think you’re capable of.

You have the knowledge and resources to learn more, do more, and achieve more.

You have skills and life experience that no other woman has, and that gives you your own unique perspective on the world.

You are empowered because you have those qualities; no one can take them away from you. Nor can someone give you permission, authority, or power to show up as your beautiful, authentic self.

No one can give you power, because you are already powerful beyond measure.

Even empowered women need a reminder of their own brilliance. Sometimes we don’t feel good enough, or smart enough, or capable enough to achieve the things we want in life.

Chances are, because you’re reading this, you ARE an empowered woman. And because you may need a reminder of what an empowered woman (aka YOU) looks like, let’s paint the picture together.

Here are 9 Qualities of an Empowered Woman:

1. She lives her purpose

If every woman lived her purpose, every need in the world would be met. An empowered woman is a seeker. She takes steps to discover her life purpose and dedicates herself to living in a way that aligns with it. She knows that living her purpose will bring meaning and fulfillment to her own life, while improving the lives of those around her.

2. She knows who she is

Self-awareness is the foundation for building confidence, and an empowered woman knows exactly who she is. She knows her strengths, what she’s good at, what she loves doing, her core values and life beliefs, and how to use all of these things to make a difference in the world. She is authentic and knows how to show up as her best self every day.

3. She loves herself – and her body

An empowered woman knows that in order to love someone else, she must first love herself – all of herself, even her perceived flaws. She is gentle with herself when she makes a mistake, forgets something, or loses her car keys (again). She keeps negative self-talk at bay because she knows it doesn’t serve her. She understands that her body is not perfect, and she genuinely loves it anyway. She is comfortable in her own skin and cares for her body to keep it healthy.

4. She commits to continuous learning

An empowered woman knows that learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. Even if she doesn’t have access to traditional learning environments, she takes learning into her own hands. She finds ways to grow and develop each day, whether that’s learning from mistakes and failures, cultivating a gratitude practice, reading personal development books, or teaching herself a new skill. She knows her best asset is her own mind, and she will seize opportunities to show it off.

5. She builds healthy confidence

Confidence comes from taking action, and an empowered woman understands this firsthand. She feels the fear and does hard things anyway. She applies for jobs that seem just out of reach. She goes back to school to get a degree in a different field. She asks for a raise or promotion that is long overdue. She stands up for what she believes in. And she knows that all the while, she’s building healthy confidence. This confidence is contagious and will pave the way for future generations of women to take action, build confidence, and change the world.

6. She gives wholeheartedly

An empowered woman knows that there is more than enough to go around. She loves giving her time, talents, and treasure to causes she cares deeply about. She loves helping other women succeed, and she will be the first to show support to a friend who’s going through a difficult time. She knows that by giving, she’s not getting less. Rather, she’s creating more for everyone.

7. She challenges the status quo

An empowered woman knows that to live authentically and with integrity, she must challenge rules and norms that keep women stuck, playing small, or quiet. She questions traditions that don’t allow women the opportunity to speak their minds, own their ideas, and create their own rules. She makes decisions based on her intuition and core values – not on what society thinks she should do. She takes risks because she knows they are necessary for personal and professional fulfillment and growth.

8. She shows vulnerability

Vulnerability is critical in building meaningful relationships with others, and an empowered woman isn’t afraid to share parts of herself with others to that end. She loves going deep with friends and learning about what makes them unique. She shares stories of her triumphs and her failures, in hopes that her lessons will help someone else. She shows emotion appropriately to bond with others and uses empathy to connect to the experiences of those around her.

9. She knows her worth

An empowered woman knows she is enough, just the way she is. She understands her value – at home, at work, in the world – and knows what she deserves. She deserves respect, a seat at the table, equal pay for equal work, opportunities to grow. She knows her worth is not measured in the way she looks, in how she uses her body, in past mistakes, nor in society’s image of a woman. She knows she is worthy because she is a human being with a purpose on this Earth.

The Takeaway

Women don’t need to wait for power to be granted to us. We already have everything we need to unleash our power, claim our rights, and go after our goals and dreams.

By recognizing the ways we show up as our authentic, powerful selves, we can strengthen our confidence and take control of our lives. We can go after the things we want and leave behind the things that no longer serve us (looking at you, negative self-talk!).

Take action now: grab your journal and write down these 9 qualities of an empowered woman. Then write down a few examples when you displayed each of these qualities. How are you living your purpose? When did you give wholeheartedly? When did you show vulnerability to connect with someone else?

Writing down our strengths, skills and achievements is a powerful way to remind ourselves of our greatness. So often, we focus on the things we did wrong and forget to acknowledge what we do well.

Now, I’d love to know: Which of the 9 qualities do you see most in yourself? Which of the qualities do you want to strengthen? Share with me over on Instagram you can find me @suzzihartery!


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