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Love Being You

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One Mission. One Motivation: to have you love being you.


Welcome, I’m Suzzi Hartery, also known as the Self-Worth Whisperer. I’m here to lovingly guide you to take charge of your mindset and connect to your self-worth. Each episode, I’ll be sharing wisdom and mantras to help you realign with your true self. These love-filled episodes are designed to ignite your confidence and love for yourself. Providing you with the strategies and knowledge to feel confident, full of self-esteem and have the right mindset to live out and achieve your wildest dreams.


Important note: The advice shared is general in nature and does not consider one’s personal circumstances, one thing that works for me might not work for all. Take what you need to inspire you and know I am here as your cheerleader ~ part of your support team, just like I know you are for me.

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Enjoy beautiful and thank you for being you.


Love Suzzi x

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episode one

Why, hello! Welcome to Love Being You. You have officially taken the first step to loving yourself. It was that simple. Feels good, right?

In this first episode, I get vulnerable and real, shedding light on my struggles with self-love, self-criticism, and fear. You’ll learn a bit about me, why I started this podcast, and what you can expect from this bite-sized weekly heart filled podcast. Not only that, but you’ll hear a personal story of mine that illustrates just how unhealthy it can be to strive to achieve unrealistic beauty standards and why it’s so much healthier to just be you and LOVE BEING YOU!

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“It’s the best feeling ever. It’s hard work and I’m still on my journey, which I now realise is a never-ending process, but life is looking a lot less grim when you learn to love yourself.”

I want to help smart and driven women like you reconnect with your inner beauty and brilliance, build your self-esteem, and empower yourself to achieve your dreams. I’m no stranger to societal pressure and expectations to look a certain way. It feels like a huge weight on your shoulders, doesn’t it?

Here’s the truth: You are so much more than your shape and your appearance.

So, are you ready to embark on your journey to love being you? I'm so delighted to support you beautiful, thank you for being here.


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